4 Tips Using Booty Bands for Great Workout Results

Even with the most high-tech, effective workout equipment, your workout results will only be as good as your form. You need to know how to properly perform exercises for maximum muscle toning. Here are four workout tips to help you get the most out of your resistance bands. It’s time to maximize your workouts! 

Always choose form over exercise load. 

When you try to add too much weight into your workout, you’ll end up sacrificing your form. Poor exercise form won’t create good results, and it can even lead to injuries. Perform your exercises with more manageable loads while adhering to strict form for better muscle stimulation and excellent results.  

Focus on muscle connection. 

This will create better muscle activation and muscle response! Just going through the motions in a workout routine is ineffective. If you’re not sensing it in your muscles when you’re performing glute exercises, it’s a good idea to slow down. You can lower the tightness or band strength. Focus on your muscles. If you really focus on the muscle you’re exercising and relax the rest of your body, you’ll be amazed at the results. Perform higher reps or go until you can’t go any more! 

Keep rest periods short 

It’s good to take a break in between workout sets, but not for long. Try to keep your rest periods between forty-five and seventy-five seconds for best results. You could go on the lower or higher end depending on your physical condition and how you feel while working out. 

Increase resistance levels 

As your workouts progress, amping up the resistance is vital. If you truly want to build your glute muscles, you should be working against a lot of resistance. If you’re doing twenty to thirty reps with ease, it’s probably the right time to crank up your band level. If you have already maxed out resistance level, double up on your bands. If that still isn’t enough, add some ankle weights. You can continue to progress even when you’ve “outgrown” your set of bands. 


Booty bands are an effective way to fire up your glute muscles for squats and other exercises. If you want to know more about working out your glutes, check out our top ten glute-activating, butt-toning, bum-shaping, booty building band exercises that are guaranteed to tone those muscles!