How to Build a Better Booty Using Booty Bands

Do you know how to get the most out of your muscle-building exercises? Simply doing the exercises won’t guarantee the muscle stimulation you need to grow and tone your muscles.  

But there’s a solution! Resistance bands are one of the most effective ways to activate your muscles, particularly the glutes. Resistance bands are rising in popularity. You can use them before or during a squat routine to ensure your glutes are ready to exercise. Most squat exercises are designed to tone quads, but by adding resistance bands, you’re able to work out your glutes too.

Top 10 Booty Building Exercises with Bands 

Here are some of the most effective exercises you can use to build a bigger booty using Booty Bands. 

1. The Clamshell 

This is a great exercise to do when you want to improve the mobility in your hips and build your outer glute muscles. Clamshells help you achieve a curvy figure!  

 To perform a clamshell, lie on your side on the floor or a workout mat to make it more comfortable. Bend your legs to about 45 degrees. Then, bend your knees 90 degrees with one foot on top of the other. Your arm that’s closest to the floor can either be straight out in front of you or fixed behind your head. Do what feels the most comfortable! Your hips should be positioned forward with your other hand on your hip. Do not lean backwards too far, as it might open your hips.  

Now, put your resistance band right above your knees. With your hand pressed on your hip, lift the top knee and slowly lower it back to its original position. Think of it as opening and closing a clamshell. To maximize the tension, don’t let your knees touch. Breathe out as you move upwards and breathe in as you go back down. Do fifteen to twenty reps and let your glutes do the work.  


 2. Sidekicks 

This is a great exercise for hip abductors, helping you to build your outer glutes, which will accentuate your curves. Position your booty band slightly above your knees or around your ankles. Then lean forward just a bit with a little bit of bend in the knees. While standing with your feet together, raise one leg slowly, then lower it back down. You can hold on to something if it helps you stay balanced. You’ll feel a squeezing sensation in your glutes. Repeat for four to five sets each leg with fifteen to twenty reps in each set. 

3. Curtsy Lunges 

This is a side-to-side lunge that you should perform with the band right over your knees. A curtsy lunge is essentially a reverse lunge that includes moving one leg behind the other leg and dipping your knees slightly above the floor without touching the floor. Focusing on this muscle is especially helpful for building a bigger booty, since the gluteus maximus gives the booty its curvy, round shape. 

4. Jumping Squats  

This exercise is ideal for amping up your glutes! By using a booty band, your glutes will stay activated. If you want to increase the size of your glutes, you should be doing this exercise. The quick movement helps to activate fast twitch muscle fiber, which makes your glutes bigger. Wrap your band above your knees and squat with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width. Jump as high as you can and then return to the squatting position when your feet hit the floor again. Try to keep your glutes tensed up by pushing your knees apart and squat down as low as you can for maximum glute activation. Repeat this exercise fifteen to twenty times. 

5. Straight Leg Kickbacks 

This is the ultimate exercise for making your glutes tighter and bigger. It’s a popular exercise for building big, curvy glutes. Position your booty band above your knees and place your hands firmly on the floor in front of you. One of your knees should be bent at about 90 degrees. Straighten your other leg and push up with an emphasis on your glutes. Repeat the motion. If you slow down this exercise, you’ll get better results. Begin with higher reps, working your way up to heavier booty bands as you go. Keep good form throughout each rep! 

6. Fire Hydrants 

Start the same way you did for the previous kickback exercise. Keep both your legs at about 90 degrees. With the resistance band positioned above your knees, push one leg out to the side while keeping it at the same angle. Return to the starting position. Then, do it all over again! This is another exercise that targets your outer glutes. 

7. Seated Hip Abductions 

This is an exercise that’s similar to using an abductor machine. But the only equipment it requires is a booty band! Place the resistance bands right above your knees, sitting on a chair or a bench. Put your feet on the floor, flat, approximately at shoulder width. Move your knees in and out for several reps—as many as you can. You’ll feel your glutes burn! Take a forty-five-second rest and repeat 3-5 times.  

8. Crab Walks 

Start this move by placing your resistance bands above your knees or, alternatively, right above your ankles. Walk from left to right as far as you can while keeping your knees bent during the entire exercise. This exercise maximizes activation throughout your glutes. 

9. Hip Thrusts 

You can perform this exercise on the edge of a couch/bench or flat on the floor. Keep the top part of your back against a bench or flat on the floor. Bend your knees about 90 degrees. Your feet should be positioned slightly farther than shoulder-width apart. Place your booty band slightly above your knees and push your pelvis up off your heels. Make sure you squeeze your glutes at the top of the movement and maintain tension with the bands. Using a booty band makes these hip thrusts harder, which lets you activate your glutes to the max. 

10. Standing Kickbacks  

This exercise yields similar results to using a cable machine. Start by positioning your resistance band either above your knees or around your ankles. You might want to hold onto something for a little extra support. Your knees should be slightly bent. Push one of your legs back until you feel some tension in your butt muscles.  

For best results, keep up the good form and focus on squeezing at the top of each rep. If you slow down this exercise, you may get better muscle connection. This increases muscle activation and ensures you get results much more quickly. 

This workout is easy but effective and can be done at home or in the gym! If you regularly perform these exercises with solid form, you’ll get a bigger, rounder booty in no time!