Booty Building

Hip Band

$29.99 $34.99

Up your workout routine with Hip Bands from BootyBuilding. Every order comes with one heavy-duty band. When you add resistance bands to your leg workouts, your glutes will need to work even harder, and you’ll see faster results!

Hip Bands are easy to use for beginners and fitness buffs alike. They don’t require any additional weights or machines. Whether you’re at home or in a gym, Hip Bands are the perfect way to elevate your workout routine and tone your muscles. 

These bands will stay secure around your thighs, thanks to the non-slip grip on the inside. You’ll feel the burn all the way to a rounder, firmer booty.

Hip Bands help to mix things up so your workouts are never boring or ineffectual. With these bands, you’ll look and feel stronger! Once you start using resistance bands, you won’t go back. Your best glute workout is only a click away!

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